Welcome to Traiana’s ETD webinar presentation, providing fresh insight from the market and demonstrating the ClientLink solution. Presented by Peter Hutchison, Director of ETD Product Marketing, and Scott Nichols, ETD Program Manager.

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The webinar provides an overview into challenges being faced by the market today and Traiana’s role in addressing them, as well as a brief live demonstration of the ETD ClientLink solution.

Welcome to the Traiana Securities briefing, providing fresh insight on post-trade services across Equities, Fixed Income and Repos. Presented by Roy Saadon, Co-founder and Global Head of Securities; Laura Craft, Director of Equities and Fixed Income Strategy; and Stephen Fazio, Cross-Asset Product Lead for ClientLink.

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The briefing includes market observations gathered through Traiana’s position as an independent technology provider at the heart of the market, as well as a live demonstration of the new ClientLink intelligent Matching Engine and rich intuitive GUI.

Welcome to the OTC Equity Clearing webinar, presented by Traiana

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This one-hour webinar will cover the latest developments, challenges and opportunities in the clearing of OTC equity securities.

Moderated by:

Laura Craft, Director Equities & Fixed Income Product Strategy, Traiana
Shanny Basar, Reporter, Markets Media


Diana Chan – EuroCCP, CEO
Roland Chai – LCH.Clearnet, Head of Equities, Limited
Christian Sjoberg – SIX- X-Clear, Head Clearing Products & Delivery
Lee Ellmore – Credit Suisse, Global Head of Securities, FX & OTC Strategic Change

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Welcome to the Traiana briefing on EMIR Regulatory Reporting. Presented by Steve French, Director, Product Strategy, Mark Holmes, EMIR Program Manager, and Roy Saadon, Head of EMIR Operations.

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This briefing includes an overview of trade reporting requirements under EMIR for both the buy and sellside, along with an introduction to how Traiana’s TR Connect service is solving these challenges.

The webinar also presents likely trade reporting scenarios and a practical TR Connect demonstration.

Welcome to the Traiana briefing on Buyside: Increasing Focus on Costs, Risk Management and Returns. Presented by John Lloyd, Director, Product Strategy & Marketing, Traiana.

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The briefing includes a walk through the new environment facing Buyside firms, and the challenges around Cost, Complexity and Risk that Investment Managers are facing.

Plus there is an introduction to the Traiana Harmony service and how it is enabling users to implement a cost-effective means to consolidate and streamline post-trade workflows, and mitigate operational and counterparty risks.

Welcome to the Traiana briefing on Managing Limits and Cleared Swaps. Presented by Nick Solinger, Traiana’s Head of Product and Marketing, who is joined by Andres Choussy, Co-Head of OTC Clearing at JP Morgan, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the changes in Regulation and Compliance bring.

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The briefing includes a walk through of the regulations and a guide to the new vocabulary and lexicon to help navigate the changes in the regulatory landscape and how this impacts Investment Managers. Plus there is an introduction to the Traiana CreditLink service which allows Investment Managers to maximise access to liquidity and minimise cost and disruption to their trading/clearing process.