Our trade processing services enable the post-trade lifecycle to be fully automated.


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Without a centralised system capable of communicating with market participants across the globe, the number of connections required for post-trade processing would be unmanageable.


Through one seamless connection, we replace the need for customised straight through processing (STP) connections and workflows. Our single point of integration gives you access to over 1,000 market participants and trading venues worldwide.


Greater efficiency

We lower post-trade settlement costs through automation, reducing errors and providing real-time processing. The solution requires low investment roll-out and is fast and simple to implement.

Automated post-trade processes

End-to-end automation of post-trade processes delivers a real-time responsive service, reducing operational risks and costs. Streamlined and exception-based management of trading relationships across venues and brokers lowers workload.

Low latency

We offer a best-in-class secure STP allocation and confirmation platform for banks, brokers and buy-side firms, providing over 1,000 connections across asset classes with prime, executing and clearing brokers.